Kaolin Clay
Highly engineered hydrous & calcined kaolins (aluminum silicates) designed to provide TiO₂ extension & cost-savings in coatings & inks. Helps improve properties in diverse applications such as white concrete, electrical cables, master batch, & gel coats.
Universal Colorants
VOC-free & APEO-free colourant system for both solvent & water-based interior or exterior paints. Patented SmartTint® chemistry provides superior dispensing & stability.
Corrosion Inhibitors
A global leader in corrosion inhibitors for the paints & coatings market, Halox is the innovative solution provider. Halox products address a multitude of coatings markets such as: Aerospace, Architectural Automotive Refinish, Coil Coatings, & Industrial Maintenance.
Rheology Additives
Monoral anti-sagging, anti-setlling and thixothropic agents
Polysaccharide Resins
Optimized cost savings & VOC compliance in solvent-based alkyd paints. Applications include solvent-based alykds, water-based inks, joint compound, & emulsion colloids.
E-Sperse Series: Reactive functional dispersing agents & surfactants selectively designed for alkyd, epoxy & water-based systems for optimal compatibility & performance.
Iron Oxides
Micronized & Non-Micronized Synthetic Iron Oxide Pigments.
Fillers/Pigments/Flame Retardants
High performance specialty mineral products designed for use in plastics, paints & coatings including a wide range of Industrial applications.
Special Effects Pigments
Merck -Pearlescent Pigments for both Industrial, Plastic and Cosmetic Applications.
pH Modifier & Stabilizers
A proprietary zero – VOC, non-amine chemistry with polymeric properties, specifically optimised for water based paints and coatings.
Mineral Fibers
Engineered mineral fibers to add reinforcement & improve mechanical benefits in coating applications.
Colloidal Clay
Falgel 60 and Falgel 90: Colloidal clays for controlling syneresis, anti-settling, sag resistance, & anti-spatter in water-based paints.
pH Modifier & Stabilizers
Amine-based additive for pH control in water-based systems.
De-foamer, Dispersing Agent
Silicone-free, anti-foaming agent for solvent-based paints. Polymeric dispersing agents & pigment stabilizers for proven compatibility with LPRT.
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